COAST GUARD HEADQUARTER Campus with Large Marine in Subiya. City.

  1. Ministry of Interior : Under Design
  2. Project Value : KD 12,000.000
  3. Start Date : 22/04/2012

Consulting Services and Engineering for the Project Study, Design and Supervision of the Coast Guard base building boys region.

We are including our high large engineering expertise in this area and a professional technician is efficient in all disciplines are able to provide the required engineering services, and at the highest level, to reach the required solutions and contribute to the achievement of the objectives and conditions set for the project by the Ministry of Interior.

The primary objective of this mission is based on the design of major structural scheme and develop an engineering solution developed for building the headquarters of the Coast Guard Building so that its study, coordinated and complementary well within the proposed site and with the ocean to reflect the aspirations of the beneficiary and to achieve expected results in the design and construction of a typical urban project takes into account the mixing oriental with the modern character of the monument offers architecturally shows originality and modernity at the same time.

The project design and completion of the Coast Base Building, coast is among the important projects undertaken by the Ministry of the Interior through its plan to develop the Administrative and Service Buildings attached to the building for its various public administrations to cope with the technical and technological development to increase the efficiency of performance in order to provide the best level of administrative and security required for services.

This project is one of the important projects that require modern engineering studies that will contribute to and lead to the design of an office building and services and modern urban leads required to function in a sophisticated and practical. In order to accomplish this, the project requires the completion of an integrated engineering studies to deal with planning and architectural tasks required in order to obtain engineering and environmental necessary licenses, regulatory approvals, soil studies, topographic survey, building design and its relationship with the surrounding site buildings in addition to pedestrians, vehicles, boat traffic from and into the building.