DGCA HEADQUARTER, MULTI STORY CAR PARK FOR 1300 CARS and two Fire Stations Airport Buildings, Directorate General Civil Aviation

  1. Under Construction : Ongoing
  2. Project Value : KD 200 Million
  3. Start Date : Design 18/09/2007
  4. Supervision : 01/12/2012

In Association with DAR AL-HANDASAH, Lebanon

The works for implementing the 2005 Master Plan Government Sector Projects at Kuwait International Airport are subdivided into three (3) packages, one of which is:


"Administration Building" means the main building located in Kuwait International Airport vicinity which will house the employees of DGCA.

"Car Park" means the building being constructed for the purpose of car parking and which is located adjacent to the Administration Building.

  1. The Administration Building for the Director General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) is to be constructed in the heart of the Kuwait International Airport. The plan shape of the building reflects the logo-shape of DGCA and will accommodate various departments of this authority under one roof.
  2. The overall plan dimensions of the building are 150m x 85m and it has a stepped elevation with 4-storey front part and 9-storey rear part. There is a full height glazed atrium in the front which is curved in plan and inclined in elevation. The atrium extends through the centre of the building and divides it into 3 distinct parts. These parts have also been separated structurally by appropriately designed movement joints. The total built-up area of the building is around 68,000 m2 including a basement level.
  3. The proposed multistory Car Park building consists of a 4-storey block with two basement levels, measuring approximately 180m x 57.6m in plan and provides 6 parking levels.
  4. There is extensive landscaping and open car parking surrounding the Administration Building and extensive water features both internally and externally.