1. Education and Student Services - Public Authority and Educational : Completed
  2. Project Value : KD 72 Million
  3. Start Date : Design 2005 Supervision 2010
  4. End Date : 04/04/2015
  5. In Association with John S. Bonnington Partnership, UK (JSBP)- Design Stage

The Consultants role in the project is Study, Design and Supervision.

The project encompasses Six (6) buildings comprising of:

  1. Educational Resources,
  2. Student Services,
  3. Administration,
  4. Mosque
  5. Theatre
  6. Plant Building

In addition to these buildings, there are surface and basement parking, Two (2) emergency shelters located in the basement of Educational Resources and Student Services Buildings. These buildings are at different levels.

The teaching accommodation comprises four academic divisions - Business Administration, Information Technology, Office Administration, and Academic Services Technology. Central Services in the form of Library and Learning Resources Centre and Central Administration support these general teaching divisions.

The college provides teaching facilities for female students and is equipped with offices, teaching rooms, labs, workshops, assembly halls, auditorium, gymnasium, cafeterias and other facilities serving students and teaching staff.

The basement floor is mainly function as Class C4 shelters equipped with electrical and mechanical services to provide gastight nuclear protection. Additionally, the Communal building's basement is utilized as car park dedicated for the Academic staff.