1. Ministry of Electricity and Water : Under Design
  2. Project Value : KD 120,000,000.000
  3. Start Date : 20/12/2012
  4. End Date : Ongoing
  5. In Association with Penspen International Limited (Abu Dhabi)

The Ministry of Electricity and Water, Kuwait has determined that the Balance of Plant Fuel Gas and Fuel Oil Supply systems within the following power plants may require further Engineering study:

  1. Sabiya Power Plant
  2. Doha West Power Plant
  3. Doha East Power Plant
  4. Shuaiba North & South Power Plant
  5. Shuwaikh Power Plant
  6. Az Zour Power Plant (North & South)

The plants above are located in various parts of Kuwait, some of which are found within Kuwait city and some far outside of the city limits within Industrial areas and refineries.

Each of the above power plants has different portions of their Fuel Receiving Systems that remain in use well past their initial 25 to 30 year design life. It therefore stands to reason that the power plant operators are concerned over the significant risks associated with their continued use over the coming years.